ABS : Hall of Fame

The American Budgerigar Society was founded on August 11, 1941, at Indianapolis, Indiana. Throughout the years many persons have distinguished themselves by service to the Society. The following are honored as respected members of the American Budgerigar Society’s Hall of Fame.


J. M. Braunstein

E.D. Brown

Jim Brown

Lendell Merriss

Lou Reimann Jr

Roy Oliver,

E.B. Hudleson

J.R. Spalding

Ermafern Collins


Charles Schaefer

Hugh Wilson

Crawford Maddux

Dan T. Ouzts


Matthew Bender

Dr. George A. Evans

Cessa F. Kluver

Jac W. Musgrove

Alice Wilson

R.L. “Bob” Howard, Jr.

Wesley & Vivian Tegtmeier

Ken Tefft & Libbie Tefft


William J. Brown

Ray and Gladys Weitz


Anthony “Tony” Gioia

Walden “Goat” Twyford


Len Adams

Buddy Walker


John Wolcott

Don Langell


Glen Snyder


Sherrill Capi


Robert Sellers


Gil and Ann Barboza

Charles Jack Chapman

Gerald K. Collins


Donald C. Denny, Jr.


Harlan Flora


John “Vic” DeVictoria


Wally and Louise Loepke


John V. Miles


Bill Birney


Bernie Rahmlow


David Hyatt

Mike Dahl


Jeanne Birney


Gary Hicken

Guidelines for Nomination to the ABS Hall of Fame

The A.B.S. Hall of Fame Committee each year accepts nominations for consideration. The following are guidelines which have been established for induction. While all points are not all-inclusive, it is expected that the person(s) should have met points in most areas.

  • Should have been a member of A.B.S. for ten years.
  • Should be well known to the membership of A.B.S. through such activities as writing for the Bulletin, research, lecturing to clubs, or any activities which advance The American Budgerigar Society.
  • Should be well known outside his or her own locality through their contributions to A.B.S.
  • Should have given effective leadership service to A.B.S. as a Committee Chairperson, President of a local club, District Director, and/or A.B.S. Editor.
  • Should have served on a major committee, project, or activity of A.B.S.
  • Should have contributed some worthwhile, concrete work (which is observable) to A.B.S.
  • Should have represented the Society in some office as member of the Executive Committee, District Director, Registrar, Chairperson of the Judge’s Panel, Secretary of Shows and Advancements, A.B.S. Editor, or any well known and respected office at the district or national level.
  • Should have placed the advancement of A.B.S. as a priority concern.
  • Should have maintained relationships with other fanciers and the Society, striving for harmony, avoiding personal controversy, encouraging cooperative effort, and making known the services of A.B.S

Current Committee Members

Chairman: David Hyatt, TN; 931-797-1605

Larry Allen, TN
Jack Kaylor, IA

Gene Deaver, CA
Ken William, CA

Louis Giunta Jr., MA