ABS : Scholarship Program


The program began during the District 9 meeting in 2005 as a motion to start an “official ABS Scholarship Committee” which would be supported from the ABS membership and affiliated clubs. This was carried to the All American meetings, and was adopted.

What does ABS hope to accomplish with the Scholarship Program?  There is the obvious answer, of course – to sponsor educational advancement after high school.  However, members of ABS have discussed the need for something to encourage our younger members.  We hope to use this program as a platform to build on for Juniors, and for members enrolled in college.  We would welcome ideas to accomplish this.

As for now, the ABS Scholarship Committee is soliciting your help in encouraging your young people in your local clubs to apply for these scholarships when they graduate from high school, and financially, as financial sponsors.

We are asking that each affiliated club hold one fund raising activity per year for this program.  The amount raised is not the issue, but local club participation is!  We also are encouraging individual ABS members to contribute.  Of course, club names, along with sponsoring individuals will be given a hearty “Thank You” in the ABS Bulletin. These donations should be sent directly to the ABS Treasurer. Please be sure to designate that the funds are for scholarship.

Funds will be held in trust by the ABS Treasurer in a separate line item for audit review, and will be dispersed only upon direction from the Scholarship Committee to the educational institutions designated by the scholarship recipients.  In this way funds will be used for education, not support activities, and will be completely accounted for.

 Your ABS Scholarship Committee is composed of: Ed Reed Chairman, Jeanne Birney, Duane Walton, and Bob Cadloni.

Contact ABS Secretary, Luemma McWilliams for more information