How many budgerigars live if you keep them at home? Birds are much more likely to live to old age, sitting behind bars, than their free brothers. Before you have a pet in feathers, learn how to organize a long and happy life.

How many years live budgerigar

Budgerigar – a popular bird in the apartment. They are often turned on for admiring. The behavior of budgerigars is interesting and noisy. If you need a fun company, then come to the right place.

Budgerigar remember words and even whole expressions well. What is true, pronounce them without much logic and sometimes out of place. However, if there is a child in the house, there will be no limit to the joy. Your child will be silently chatting with the feathered and teaching him new words.

Everyone is interested in the main question: how many budgerigars live? And it is clear: children quickly become attached to animals and difficult to experience parting with a pet, not to mention death. We hasten to hope for you – live long enough to get bored!

A representative of Melopsittacus undulatus can live from 10 to 15 years. In exceptional cases, especially large individuals with strong health can pre-tweet up to 18 years. It all depends on what conditions of keeping the bird, how comfortable it is. It is also important to understand that comfort is not only an abundance of food.

Budgerigar: what dangers lie in his face

In the wild, these fidgets rarely live to 10 years old. If parrots do not become prey predators, they die of stress. Birds are very impressionable and react sharply to danger. The cause of death can be a banal lack of food.

In an ordinary apartment, too, enough dangers. Hungry cat, curious dog, small children – the main risk factors. Even if they do not get to the calf of the bird, but only frighten her, it may well die. Stress negatively affects the life of the parrot.

The budgerigar likes to harm, make noise and fly around the house. Make sure that all windows during such raids are tightly closed. Check the windows, open pans, close the toilet. If he gets out, it’ll be impossible to catch him. You are unlikely to see your pet again.

The budgerigar should be kept away from electrical appliances. First, they will be less amused by magnetic radiation, and secondly, they will not be disturbed by foreign sounds. Although some specifically put near radio cells to teach them to speak.

The budgerigar is a heat-loving bird native to Australia. Try to keep the cage with birds in the same place, with a constant temperature. Heat and cold changes can cause parrot disease and death. Make sure the room is warm and dry.

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Budgerigars: what their life expectancy depends on at home

We are responsible for those who are tamed, and when it comes to parrots, it is doubly. If a dog or a cat can take care of itself in some way, the domestic parrots are completely under your care.

The budgerigar is a locked bird, so it should have everything under its beak:

  • A spacious cage.
  • A water-drinking water.
  • Feed with food.
  • Simulators and mirrors (where without it?).

Make sure the bird is in a comfortable environment. It is not difficult to do this:

  • If the wavy parrot cheerfully chirps and weaves the food behind both cheeks – he is healthy and satisfied.
  • If the bird behaves aggressively or, on the contrary, too quietly, probably the pet is dissatisfied, and maybe he is sick.

A half-meter cage with seating straps, a jogging wheel, hooks and a sleeper is a great option for parrots. Lonely budgerigars live less, so immediately settle a couple – a boy and a girl. Experts will help to understand who is who.

If the water is clear, then the food is not so clear. One box of food will not be enough to the feathered receive all the necessary vitamins. The basis of their diet – cereals, but vegetables and fruits should also be present in the feeder. Without vitamins, feathers can fall out, and one step will remain until the death.

Let the birds fly around the room: exercise is the key to the good health of the parrot. They should screw up as much as they would if they lived in the Australian desert. Parrots like to move, just make sure that no one is anywhere you need.

Unfortunately, each meal of birds ends with a complete mess in the cage, the cleanliness of budgerigars are no different. In nature, they do not take care of the hollow, and with the home cage and even more ceremony will not be. Clean up the parrots often, so be prepared for difficulties.

In old age, when the paws of wavy no longer hold the calf on handrails, you should especially take care of the pet. Redo the cage to its food and water needs so that the bird does not have to make unnecessary efforts. Strictly control the temperature in the room.

Do not forget about the most important: budgerigar, like any creature, requires love. Talk to birds, caress and pay attention to their lives. Don’t leave them to develop and take part.