ABS : Bird & Aviary Registration

ABS invites you to register your winning birds with the ABS Registration Division. When the current show season comes to an end, many exhibitors pair their birds up for the breeding season. This is a good time to fill out the registration forms for each of the winning birds you had this past show season and register your birds.

Why, you ask, should I register my winning birds or apply for a Best in Variety certificate? When you register your Top 10 winning birds, you are announcing to other breeders and exhibitors that your bird is a winner and you are guarantying your bird’s place of honor in the history of the hobby. Registering your winning birds is much the same as having “papers” for your birds. When you complete the registration form and submit it with the proper fee, you will receive a registration certificate and you and your bird will be listed in the ABS bulletin. The registration certificate identifies the bird as the offspring of a known sire and dam and a known birth date, as well as acknowledging all the wins the bird may have accumulated. This also lets everyone in the hobby know, that as a breeder of show stock, you are producing Budgerigars that closely resemble the description of birds shown in the Standard of Perfection for The Ideal Budgerigar.

So take a few minutes and fill out the registration form for your winning birds and mail it to the Registrar of Birds.

Beverly Picard–Registrar of Birds & Aviaries

Registered Birds & Aviaries

The following people have registered their birds or aviaries
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Mail the completed order form and payment to:

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For assistance call: (209) 928-3281