ABS : 2013 District Meetings

District 1 & 3:

Meeting Minutes

District 2:

Meeting Minutes

District 4:

July 6th
WCBC Show Neenah, WI;
Saturday, after the show at the home of David Bluma.
Directions will be available at the show.

Meeting Minutes

District 5:

District 6 & 8:

June 1st
New Orleans Budgerigar Society
Jefferson Lions Club, 2920 Arlington Street, Jefferson, LA 70123
Meeting will be during the lunch break at the show
Contact: Bob Jensen 504-254-0809

Meeting Minutes

District 7:

August 11th
Budgerigar Society of Iowa Club Meeting
Grimes Learning Center, 300 W 1st Street, Grimes, IA 50111
Contact: Cindi Rasmussen, 515-382-5832

Meeting Minutes

District 9:

June 29
Meeting at Silva’s home
17931 Delores Lane, Sonora, CA
Time: TBA
Contact Norm Blackburn at 805-595-7277

Meeting Minutes

District 10:

August 31st
Budgie Fanciers of San Diego County
Lake San Marcos Hotel & Resort, 1025 La Bonita Dr., Lake San Marcos, CA 92078
Call 800-447-6556 for reservations
District Meeting During Lunch
Contact: Leon Saad 619-230-8529 or Email

Meeting Minutes

District 11:

June 1st
MBS Show Alexandria, VA
Contact Pauline Domenge 757-806-5891 or Email

Meeting Minutes

District 12:  

July 28th
WBS Show Kelso, WA
Sunday morning after the show
Time will be determined at the show on Saturday.

Meeting Minutes

Please submit your meeting dates or minutes to:

Luemma McWilliams
ABS Secretary

1407 Southport Road 
Mount Pleasant, TN 38474-1987