ABS : Leg Band Order Information

Bands, pre-ordered, are mailed to arrive in November of the year prior to the issue year.  Example: Next Years bands will be in the mail to arrive starting November 1, as long as they are ordered by September 1. If ordered after September 1, please allow five to six weeks for delivery.

Leg Band Colors for Each Year

ABS Leg band colors rotate on a six year basis. Therefore every seven years the colors repeat.
Starting in 2010 ABS  adopted the WBO standard colors.

2000 Blue Dark Green
2001 Black Dark Red
2002 Gold Black Black 2U2X
2003 Silver Silver
2004 Dark Blue Gold Yellow U
2005 White Dark Green 363U
2006 Yellow Red 1797U
2007 Black Blac Black 2U2X
2008 Grey Dark Blue 301U
2009 Dark Blue Violet 249U
2010 Orange Orange 1505U
2011 Dark Blue Dark Blue 301U
2012 Red Red 1797U
2013 Black Black Black 2U2X
2014 Pastel Green Pastel Green 344U
2015 Violet Violet 249U
2016 Orange Orange 1505U
2017 Dark Blue Dark Blue 301U
2018 Red Red 1797U
2019 Black Black 2U2X
2020 Dark Green Dark Green 3292U
2021 Violet Violet 249U
2022 Dark Brown Dark Brown 1535U
2023 Dark Blue Dark Blue 301U

Leg Band Pricing

M Size Bands

Our “M” size bands come from Germany and have an inside diameter of .177″(4.5mm) and are made of plastic. “M” bands are imported from Germany and therefore take longer to arrive, four to six weeks.  Please order early to allow for the six weeks!


First 25 Junior bands are only $10.00. These are available upon request at the time of original membership and membership renewal.

Prestige Bands

Beginning in 1985 ABS began offering special prestige coded leg bands.  There is an initial setup charge to the breeder the first year of $25.00, and a charge of $10.00 each following year, in addition to the normal charge of any bands ordered. Band codes are to be a combination of two or three letters.  Special logos or symbols will not be accepted.  The Board reserves the right to refuse any code deemed obscene or not in ABS’s best interest.  When orders for Prestige Coded leg bands are received without the required additional fee, the Secretary will notify the member and make arrangements for the additional funds to be sent.


25 Bands: 18.00
50 Bands: $36.00
100 Bands: $60.00
150 Bands :  $90.00
200 Bands :  $120.00

Priority Mail (2-3Day Delivery) add $7.20
Note: Priority Mail not available outside the USA. 

Mail the completed order form and payment to:

Slav Shcherbakov
140 McCaffery Road
Manalapan,  NJ  07726

For assistance call: (917) 755-9569