ABS : Judge Information

Current Judges

Mike Dahl, Chairman* White Salmon, WA (509) 493-2542 Email
Larry Allen, Secretary* Mt Pleasant, TN (931) 797-4048 Email
Gary Hicken* Lindon, Ut (801) 960-8778 Email
David Hyatt* Mt Pleasant, TN (931) 797-1605 Email
John LaBorda* Grand Prairie, Tx (239) 888-3400 Email
Luemma McWilliams* Mt Pleasant, Tn (931) 626-2230 Email
John Miles* Glendale, CA (818) 631-1114 Email
Tony Nesbitt* Victoria BC, Canada (250) 217-0930 Email
Leon Saad* San Diego, CA (619) 246-8529 Email
Richard Werner Kunkletown, PA (570) 880-5386 Email
Duane Walton Tulono, IL (217) 377-3706 Email
* Member of the WBO International Judges Panel.

Current Judge Trainee(s):
Arsham Ohanis

Our Mission Statement

To provide a certified team of Judges having the utmost integrity. Their loyalty to the ABS shall be unquestionable.  They shall maintain on each and every assignment an atmosphere of honest competition.  As the service team of the ABS they shall serve the membership to the best of their ability.

Retired Judges

The following judges are retired and no longer accepting assignments but remain on the judges panel in good standing and may attend judge’s clinics and the annual judges’ meeting.

Gil Barboza Hurst, TX
Jack Chapman Oaji, CA
Gerald Collins Auroa, CO
John “Vic” DeVictoria Felton, CA
Bob Pittman Kileen, TX
William Porter Escondido CA
Russ Roberts St. Louis, MO
Walter Loepke Florence, MS
Louise Loepke Florence, MS
Bill Birney Olympia, WA

Qualifications to Become an ABS Panel Judge

  • The applicant must have bred and raised budgerigars for exhibition purposes for a minimum period of five (5) years.
  • Must be a Champion breeder and must have exhibited birds in the Champion Division of A.B.S. patronage shows for a minimum period of 36 months prior to filing application as a trainee. The month in which he/she exhibits for the first time as a champion counts as the beginning of the 36 month period. In addition to this, he/she must have placed, as a champion, two birds within the top 3 Best in Show, and one bird within the top 10 Best in Show, with three (3) different birds (bred by the trainee), at three (3) different shows with three (3) different A.B.S. Panel Judges during the five (5) calendar years immediately prior to application to the panel. A maximum of two (2) wins per year may count. In order for these wins to count for the trainee, there must be a minimum of 100 birds entered in each of these shows. There must also be a minimum of three (3) champion exhibitors that exhibit at least a total of twenty-five (25) birds.
  • Must have a complete knowledge of show points and standards approved by A.B.S.
  • Must be a member in good standing of A.B.S. for a minimum period of five (5) years
  • Must secure the endorsement of three Panel Judges and the District Director in the district of residence
  • Must be an A.B.S. Classifier
  • Must be at least 25 years of age
  • Complete information may be obtained from the Secretary of the Judges Panel

For additional information on becoming an A.B.S. Panel Judge Trainee contact The Judges Panel Secretary listed above.

Judge Forms and Handbooks

The Judges manual has the ABS standard and the scale of points used by the judges panel. Feel free to check out the information in the Handbook.